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The English Language School was established in April 1978 as English Medium School Dubai in order to meet the needs of all the communities in Dubai. The School offered courses in Science and Arts, preparing its students for London University G.C.E. ‘O’ Level Examination. Later on, A Level courses also started and presently we are with I.G.C.S.E. (EDEXCEL) courses for O Level and A Level.

We believe that through education our children will grow into adults who will remain in touch with their special cultural traditions and whose minds will be receptive to all branches of human knowledge. These branches of knowledge, however different, must tend towards imparting Best Knowledge of Science and Art and making a good and well rounded human being. We are committed to the belief that education is a continuous process and not an isolated incident occurring at a given time and place. It is the goal of our school that all students should acquire the mental disciplines that will lead to a lifetime of independent self Education.